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A Software-defined Gps And Galileo Receiver

RRP $247.99

Satellite navigation receivers are used to receive, process, and decode space-based navigation signals, such as those provided by the GPS constellation of satellites. There is an increasing need for a unified open platform that will enable enhanced receiver development and design, as well as cost-effective testing procedures for various applications. This book and companion DVD provide hands-on exploration of new technologies in this rapidly growing field.

One of the unique features of the work is the interactive approach used, giving readers the ability to construct their own Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers. To construct such a reconfigurable receiver with a wide range of applications, the authors discuss receiver architecture based on software-defined radio (SDR) techniques. The presentation unfolds in a systematic, user-friendly style and goes from the basics to cutting-edge research.

Additional features and topics include:

* Presentation of basic signal structures used in GPS and Galileo, the European satellite navigation system

* Design and implementation of a GPS signal generator

* Presentation and analysis of different methods of signal acquisition-serial search; parallel-frequency space search; and parallel-code phase search-as well as code/carrier tracking and navigation data decoding

* A complete GPS software receiver implemented using MATLAB code as well as GPS and GIOVE-A signal records-available on the companion cross-platform DVD-allowing readers to change various parameters and immediately see their effects

* MATLAB-based exercises

* A hands-on method of testing the material covered in the book: supplementary front-end hardware equipment-which may be purchased at http: // readers working on a Windows or LINUX system to generate real-world data by converting analog signals to digital signals

* Supplementary course material for instructors available at http: //

* Bibliography of recent results and comprehensive index

The book is aimed at applied mathematicians, electrical engineers, geodesists, and graduate students. It may be used as a textbook in various GPS technology and signal processing courses, or as a self-study reference for anyone working with satellite navigation receivers.

Mini Farming For Beginners

RRP $18.99

Learn How To Become Self-Sufficient By Building Your Own Mini Farm*** Limited Time Offer! *** Get A FREE Bonus With This Book!Families or individuals who don't have the luxury of having a good gardening spot in their homes may find that indoor gardening may be the best option. Even during the winter season when most outdoor plants can't grow, you can still enjoy your favorite veggies by gardening inside the house. Plants don't just provide food, but are also excellent filters for pollution and are therefore good indoor companions. What's even more interesting is that most indoor plants don't take up that much space, which means even if all that you have is a windowsill, you can still grow them. This guide contains a collection of the best gardening projects to help you get started with your indoor gardening adventures. PREVIEW OF THE BOOKMason Jar Sprouts Mini Herb Garden Growing Basil From Your Leftovers at Home Growing Peas Indoors Growing Avocado Directly From Seed A Guide to Growing Thyme How to Force Bloom Amaryllis Bulbs Growing Peach Indoors 5 Flowering Indoor Plants Steps to Growing Mushrooms Indoors Growing Cherry Tomatoes Inside Steps to Growing Mint Indoors Growing Mulberry Indoors Growing Fig Tree Indoors THANK YOU BONUS Limited Time Offer! Get This Book At The Discounted Price of $3.99Don't have Kindle? No worries! You can read it on your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet! Simply Scroll Up And Select "Buy" To Get Your Hands On This Mini Farming Guide!--------------- TAGS: mini farming for beginners, gardening, farming, planting, urban farming, gardening techniques, mini farm, homesteading


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