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Modern Statistical, Systems, And Gpss Simulation

RRP $257.99

Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation, Second Edition introduces the theory and implementation of discrete-event simulation. This text:
establishes a theoretical basis for simulation methodology
provides details of an important simulation language (GPSS - General Purpose Simulation System)
integrates these two elements in a systems simulation case study
Valuable additions to the second edition include coverage of random number generators with astronomic period, new entropy-based tests of uniformity, gamma variate generation, results on the GLD, and variance reduction techniques.
GPSS/PC is an interactive implementation of GPSS for the IBM-PC compatible family of microcomputers. The disk accompanying Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation contains the limited educational version of GPSS/PC with many illustrative examples discussed in the text.

Precision Aerial Delivery Systems

RRP $306.99

Precision Aerial Delivery Systems: Modeling, Dynamics, and Control provides an overview of the recent developments in precision aerial cargo delivery from the standpoint of developing guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms for the self-guided parafoil and parachute-based aerial delivery systems (PADS). Developing a robust GNC system involves aerodynamics modeling, structural and parametric system identification, understanding the environment PADS glides through developing and testing suitable navigation solutions, guidance strategies, and controllers. Introduction of ram-air gliding parachutes in Sportive sky diving in the early 1970s ended the era of round canopies. Availability of GPS in the late 1990s opened an era of autonomous vehicles, which boosted an interest in self-guided PADS. A substantial improvement in achieving a better landing accuracy demonstrated by the different-weight PADS during the last decade expanded the area of their potential usage. Miniaturization and availability of sensors allowed developing micro-light PADS that not only have their own market niche, but make it possible for universities to utilize these systems in their curricula and research along with other unmanned vehicles. Thus the intended audience for this book is not only professionals and researchers, but graduate and postgraduate students working in the areas of aerial systems modeling and GNC algorithms design as well. The book is coauthored by eleven experts and addresses the following topics: PADS and measures of their effectiveness; Basic analysis of the ram-air parachute; Key factors affecting PADS landing accuracy; Aerodynamic characterization of parafoils; Equations of motion; Stability and steady-state performance; Guidance, navigation, and control; Glide-angle control; Control of nonglidlng parachute systems; Flight test instrumentation; Parametrical identification of PADS.

Unleash The System On Chip Using Fpgas And Handel C

RRP $338.99

With the rapid advances in technology, the conventional academic and research departments of Electronics engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Instrumentation Engineering over the globe are forced to come together and update their curriculum with few common interdisciplinary courses in order to come out with the engineers and researchers with muli-dimensional capabilities. The gr- ing perception of the 'Hardware becoming Soft' and 'Software becoming Hard' with the emergence of the FPGAs has made its impact on both the hardware and software professionals to change their mindset of working in narrow domains. An interdisciplinary field where 'Hardware meets the Software' for undertaking se- ingly unfeasible tasks is System on Chip (SoC) which has become the basic pl- form of modern electronic appliances. If it wasn't for SoCs, we wouldn't be driving our car with foresight of the traffic congestion before hand using GPS. Without the omnipresence of the SoCs in our every walks of life, the society is wouldn't have evidenced the rich benefits of the convergence of the technologies such as audio, video, mobile, IPTV just to name a few. The growing expectations of the consumers have placed the field of SoC design at the heart of at variance trends. On one hand there are challenges owing to design complexities with the emergence of the new processors, RTOS, software protocol stacks, buses, while the brutal forces of deep submicron effects such as crosstalk, electromigration, timing closures are challe- ing the design metrics.

A Gps For Marriage And Family

RRP $33.99

There is much afoot these days that can and does lead to a number of side roads and dead ends, constituting a barrier, deterring couples and families from reaching their desired destination. Currently, while not well marked or hidden, for many they have become main highways, leading to a dead end of frustration at best or disillusionment at worst.

Marriage and family life are all about relationships. The question is, will the relationship dynamics in the family guide them to their destination or to a dead end? Our universal human desire is to be fulfilled in our life experience. And what better way than in the interactive relationships that can be experienced in an uplifting family adventure?

There are certain effective ways beyond good communication skills for couples to interact with each other and their children. Since we are all human, the ideas expressed will bring challenges, yet the rewards are what we are all looking for in our lives-joy and that elusive state called fulfillment.

This book reveals the roads they took in order to reach that destination as a family with a peek at what many people hope will work but doesn't.

Auditing Information Systems, 2nd Edition

RRP $368.99

Have you been asked to perform an information systems audit and don't know where to start? Examine a company's hardware, software, and data organization and processing methods to ensure quality control and security with this easy, practical guide to auditing computer systems--the tools necessary to implement an effective IS audit. In nontechnical language and following the format of an IS audit program, you'll gain insight into new types of security certifications (e.g., TruSecure, CAP SysTrust, CPA WebTrust) as well as the importance of physical security controls, adequate insurance, and digital surveillance systems.

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