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Precision Aerial Delivery Systems

RRP $306.99

Precision Aerial Delivery Systems: Modeling, Dynamics, and Control provides an overview of the recent developments in precision aerial cargo delivery from the standpoint of developing guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms for the self-guided parafoil and parachute-based aerial delivery systems (PADS). Developing a robust GNC system involves aerodynamics modeling, structural and parametric system identification, understanding the environment PADS glides through developing and testing suitable navigation solutions, guidance strategies, and controllers. Introduction of ram-air gliding parachutes in Sportive sky diving in the early 1970s ended the era of round canopies. Availability of GPS in the late 1990s opened an era of autonomous vehicles, which boosted an interest in self-guided PADS. A substantial improvement in achieving a better landing accuracy demonstrated by the different-weight PADS during the last decade expanded the area of their potential usage. Miniaturization and availability of sensors allowed developing micro-light PADS that not only have their own market niche, but make it possible for universities to utilize these systems in their curricula and research along with other unmanned vehicles. Thus the intended audience for this book is not only professionals and researchers, but graduate and postgraduate students working in the areas of aerial systems modeling and GNC algorithms design as well. The book is coauthored by eleven experts and addresses the following topics: PADS and measures of their effectiveness; Basic analysis of the ram-air parachute; Key factors affecting PADS landing accuracy; Aerodynamic characterization of parafoils; Equations of motion; Stability and steady-state performance; Guidance, navigation, and control; Glide-angle control; Control of nonglidlng parachute systems; Flight test instrumentation; Parametrical identification of PADS.

Modern Statistical, Systems, And Gpss Simulation

RRP $257.99

Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation, Second Edition introduces the theory and implementation of discrete-event simulation. This text:
establishes a theoretical basis for simulation methodology
provides details of an important simulation language (GPSS - General Purpose Simulation System)
integrates these two elements in a systems simulation case study
Valuable additions to the second edition include coverage of random number generators with astronomic period, new entropy-based tests of uniformity, gamma variate generation, results on the GLD, and variance reduction techniques.
GPSS/PC is an interactive implementation of GPSS for the IBM-PC compatible family of microcomputers. The disk accompanying Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation contains the limited educational version of GPSS/PC with many illustrative examples discussed in the text.

Fundamentals Of Global Positioning System Receivers

RRP $419.99

All the expert guidance you need to understand, build, and operate GPS receivers<br> <br> The Second Edition of this acclaimed publication enables readers to understand and apply the complex operation principles of global positioning system (GPS) receivers. Although GPS receivers are widely used in everyday life to aid in positioning and navigation, this is the only text that is devoted to complete coverage of their operation principles. The author, one of the foremost authorities in the GPS field, presents the material from a software receiver viewpoint, an approach that helps readers better understand operation and that reflects the forecasted integration of GPS receivers into such everyday devices as cellular telephones. Concentrating on civilian C/A code, the book provides the tools and information needed to understand and exploit all aspects of receiver technology as well as relevant navigation schemes:<br> * Overview of GPS basics and the constellation of satellites that comprise the GPS system<br> * Detailed examination of GPS signal structure, acquisition, and tracking<br> * Step-by-step presentation of the mathematical formulas for calculating a user's position<br> * Demonstration of the use of computer programs to run key equations<br> * Instructions for developing hardware to collect digitized data for a software GPS receiver<br> * Complete chapter demonstrating a GPS receiver following a signal flow to determine a user's position<br> <br> The Second Edition of this highly acclaimed text has been greatly expanded, including three new chapters:<br> * Acquisition of weak signals<br> * Tracking of weak signals<br> * GPS receiver related subjects<br> <br> Following the author's expert guidance and easy-to-follow style, engineers and scientists learn all that is needed to understand, build, and operate GPS receivers. The book's logical flow from basic concepts to applications makes it an excellent textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering, wireless communications, and computer science.

Career Gps 4 Vets

RRP $15.99

Professional Career Planning, Management and Goal Setting... Though it has many applications, this particular workbook is designed with the military personnel transitioning in mind. It also serves to help first-generation professionals of all ages. Starting with the school-age youth who has decided to become a professional but does not have access to people from the professional world. Secondly, the college-age student who is in college but is challenged in deciding what to major in. Thirdly, for the employee who is looking for source material to be ready for an upcoming promotional opportunity. Having personally gone through all of the before mentioned phases/stages of a career, I know how exciting and rewarding it can be when you are the first in your immediate family with professional ambitions. Any edge you can get to add to your readiness is a big plus. I believe the workbooks simplicity lends itself to the broadest range of career levels and applications. I am the first in the family to reach my education and professional level. As I look back on both careers-military 1974 -1981, then onto retirement from law enforcement from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department as a Corrections Officer, 1985 - 2006 -I can see how differently both of those outcomes would have been had I employed what this exercise offers. While researching context for the concept, I noticed that many of the people I talked to did not analyze the work-world the way I do here. It is not by any means completely comprehensive-in that it will cover everything you need to know to make your career the best work-life possible-though I do consider this as one of many literary pieces you will need for reference material throughout your work-life. Well, good luck on your journey to your new-life opportunities, may they be filled with richness, success and stability.

Containment Systems

RRP $117.99

This is the only book that covers containment, specifically for the process industries. This Guide covers the range of containment equipment from simple air-flow control devices to enclosures that restrict exposures to well below a microgram per cubic meter averaged over a working day. The selection of a particular containment system for a particular transfer operation can be difficult because of the wide choice available. This Guide provides a structured approach to the selection process.
Covers the legislation for containment guidelines in the US, UK, and Europe
Provides an exhaustive list of containment equipment, including chapters on maintenance and reliability
Shows the engineer how to develop a containment strategy for his/her plant


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