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Traffic Networks As Information Systems 2016

RRP $354.99

This authored monograph covers a viability to approach to traffic management by advising to vehicles circulated on the network the velocity they should follow for satisfying global traffic conditions;. It presents an investigation of three structural innovations:

The objective is to broadcast at each instant and at each position the advised celerity to vehicles, which could be read by auxiliary speedometers or used by cruise control devices.

1. Construct regulation feedback providing at each time and position advised velocities (celerities) for minimizing congestion or other requirements.
2. Taking into account traffic constraints of different type, the first one being to remain on the roads, to stop at junctions, etc.
3. Use information provided by the probe vehicles equipped with GPS to the traffic regulator;
4. Use other global traffic measures of vehicles provided by different types of sensors;

These results are based on convex analysis, intertemporal optimization and viability theory as mathematical tools as well as viability algorithms on the computing side, instead of conventional techniques such as partial differential equations and their resolution by finite difference or finite elements algorithms. The target audience primarily covers researchers and mathematically oriented engineers but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

Unleash The System On Chip Using Fpgas And Handel C

RRP $338.99

With the rapid advances in technology, the conventional academic and research departments of Electronics engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Instrumentation Engineering over the globe are forced to come together and update their curriculum with few common interdisciplinary courses in order to come out with the engineers and researchers with muli-dimensional capabilities. The gr- ing perception of the 'Hardware becoming Soft' and 'Software becoming Hard' with the emergence of the FPGAs has made its impact on both the hardware and software professionals to change their mindset of working in narrow domains. An interdisciplinary field where 'Hardware meets the Software' for undertaking se- ingly unfeasible tasks is System on Chip (SoC) which has become the basic pl- form of modern electronic appliances. If it wasn't for SoCs, we wouldn't be driving our car with foresight of the traffic congestion before hand using GPS. Without the omnipresence of the SoCs in our every walks of life, the society is wouldn't have evidenced the rich benefits of the convergence of the technologies such as audio, video, mobile, IPTV just to name a few. The growing expectations of the consumers have placed the field of SoC design at the heart of at variance trends. On one hand there are challenges owing to design complexities with the emergence of the new processors, RTOS, software protocol stacks, buses, while the brutal forces of deep submicron effects such as crosstalk, electromigration, timing closures are challe- ing the design metrics.

Modern Statistical, Systems, And Gpss Simulation

RRP $257.99

Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation, Second Edition introduces the theory and implementation of discrete-event simulation. This text:
establishes a theoretical basis for simulation methodology
provides details of an important simulation language (GPSS - General Purpose Simulation System)
integrates these two elements in a systems simulation case study
Valuable additions to the second edition include coverage of random number generators with astronomic period, new entropy-based tests of uniformity, gamma variate generation, results on the GLD, and variance reduction techniques.
GPSS/PC is an interactive implementation of GPSS for the IBM-PC compatible family of microcomputers. The disk accompanying Modern Statistical, Systems, and GPSS Simulation contains the limited educational version of GPSS/PC with many illustrative examples discussed in the text.

Career Gps 4 Vets

RRP $15.99

Professional Career Planning, Management and Goal Setting... Though it has many applications, this particular workbook is designed with the military personnel transitioning in mind. It also serves to help first-generation professionals of all ages. Starting with the school-age youth who has decided to become a professional but does not have access to people from the professional world. Secondly, the college-age student who is in college but is challenged in deciding what to major in. Thirdly, for the employee who is looking for source material to be ready for an upcoming promotional opportunity. Having personally gone through all of the before mentioned phases/stages of a career, I know how exciting and rewarding it can be when you are the first in your immediate family with professional ambitions. Any edge you can get to add to your readiness is a big plus. I believe the workbooks simplicity lends itself to the broadest range of career levels and applications. I am the first in the family to reach my education and professional level. As I look back on both careers-military 1974 -1981, then onto retirement from law enforcement from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department as a Corrections Officer, 1985 - 2006 -I can see how differently both of those outcomes would have been had I employed what this exercise offers. While researching context for the concept, I noticed that many of the people I talked to did not analyze the work-world the way I do here. It is not by any means completely comprehensive-in that it will cover everything you need to know to make your career the best work-life possible-though I do consider this as one of many literary pieces you will need for reference material throughout your work-life. Well, good luck on your journey to your new-life opportunities, may they be filled with richness, success and stability.

Planning And Installing Photovoltaic Systems

RRP $369.99

New third edition of the bestselling manual from the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), showing you the essential steps to plan and install a solar photovoltaic system.

With a global focus, it has been updated to include sections on new technology and concepts, new legislation and the current PV market.

Updates cover:

  • new developments in inverter and module technology
  • market situation worldwide and outlook
  • integration to the grid (voltage stabilization, frequency, remote control)
  • new legal requirements for installation and planning
  • operational costs for dismantling and recycling
  • feed-in management
  • new requirements for fire protection
  • new requirements in Europe for electric waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEE) and the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS).

Also providing information on current developments in system design, economic analysis, operation and maintenance of PV systems, as well as new software tools, hybrid and tracking systems.

An essential manual for installers, engineers and architects, it details every subject necessary for successful project implementation, from the technical design to the legal and marketing issues of PV installation.


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